About Us


Our mission at Distinctive is to bring people, with shared interests, together through highly engaging, visually impressive and original mobile gameplay experiences.


Distinctive Games is an independent studio founded in 1994 as a console developer working on Playstation One and Nintendo 64. Since 2001 our attention has solely been on mobile platforms working with the biggest publishers and brands in the industry from the FIFA franchise to Tomb Raider.

We are based in Sheffield, UK with team of talented professionals covering design, engineering, graphic design, project management, QA and marketing.

Alongside working with our publishing and marketing partners, we have been building up our own portfolio of titles.

As a team of passionate sports fans, we have focused on transforming niche sports into high quality gaming experiences for mobile and tablet devices. We feel that sports are a staple social connector all around the world yet they are often underrepresented in the mobile gaming space.

Our primary goal has been to fill that gap with our own IP range of top-end 3D and highly entertaining games that both hardcore and casual fans can enjoy.

Today Distinctive games are played by 60 million people worldwide, supporting an award-winning roster of titles, including Rugby Nations, Football Kicks, Patrick Kane’s Hockey franchises and Downhill Xtreme.


Did you know that Distinctive’s HQ is right next door to former nightclub ‘Crazy Daisy’ where The Human League’s Phil Oakey first met backing singers Susan Ann Sulley and Joanne Cathedrall?