High End Development

We have been developing mobile games and apps since 2001. We have a deep understanding of the technology, consumer usage patterns and product optimization required to thrive in today’s competitive app ecosystem. We use this experience to deliver the very best user experiences across the most popular mobile platforms and devices with optimal discoverability.


  • Game Design and Prototyping
  • Game Monetization (Free-to-play, Pay-per-download)
  • 3D Game Development
  • Improvements, re-skinning and porting of existing games to other platforms
  • Server-Side Programming
  • Motion Capture Planning and Directing
  • Project Management and Consultancy
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Marketing and Live Operations Support, including analytics and optimization
  • Brand Integration and Mobile Advertising Solutions

We have worked on over 100 mobile titles that reach millions of users on a daily basis. Our game development expertise coupled with the proprietary development analytics tools provide you with a best-in-class service to reach the $27bn, 964m player-strong mobile gaming market.

Proprietary Social and Cloud Games Technology

Modern games increasingly rely upon sophisticated server software in order to enhance the gaming experience with a range of social features. We have invested heavily into our tools and as a result, we have developed our server-based platform Cloud Services™.

Cloud Services™ encapsulates a number of web-based services that support compelling user-to-user interactions, convenience features and run on highly scalable Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Cloud Services™ features include

  • Virtual Goods Economy
  • In-App Purchase Validation & Fraud Prevention
  • Game Progress Synchronized between Devices
  • Push Notifications
  • Friends Management (also including gifting, online status and community)
  • Leaderboards
  • Friend Requests (friends made in-game)
  • In-Game Notifications
  • Analytics*

*Our Cloud Services™ technology comes with comprehensive analytics tools for optimizing player acquisition, retention and monetization. Support for other analytics systems can easily be added as required.

All games we develop automatically benefit from Cloud Services™ in both increasing player engagement and reducing overall development costs.

Case Study

When Square-Enix wanted to reboot their Championship Manager franchise as a free-to-play mobile game they came to us to design and build it for them.

The brief had a number of challenges

  • Football Management games are extremely complex with many inter-dependent systems that create a living breathing world of Football.
  • As a free-to-play game it not only had to be very enjoyable but we had to add effective monetisation without ruining the experience.
  • And, not least, Championship Manager is a game that is fondly remembered by many people so there are high expectations from the game’s audience.

Working closely with the team at Square-Enix we created a design that met all of these challenges head on and delivered a game that has been played by many millions of people around the World.

We have, so far, delivered three versions of the single player game in the form of Champ Man 14, Champ Man 15 and Champ Man 16. Plus, more recently, we have created a massively multiplayer version of the franchise in the form of Champ Man All Stars.

Check out the game on the App Store

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